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After Almost 40 Years, the Personal Speaker is Being Reinvented by Bose

The Bose SoundWear Companion is by far one of the best innovations in personal speakers. According to TechGuru, "The Bose SoundWear Companion Speaker is a flexible, wearable speaker designed to drape over your shoulders. The upward facing speakers project sound directly into your ears and Bose’s waveguide technology produces a sound that is full and rich to you but relatively quiet to those around you. With nothing covering your ears you can still hear your doorbell, phone, kids, or anything else in your environment."
But did you know that Bose is not the first company to invent a personal speaker that sits around your neck? 
The image on the left is an ad copy from 1979 for a product called Bone Fone. It was not a phone, but instead a Spandex-covered radio that one could drape over their shoulders to get "the same separation you'd expect from earphones." Wearing it over or under clothing, one could "jog and even do headstands" in the musical scarf, made of the same Lycra used in "expensive swimsuits." Three decades later, even the greatest scholars can only offer despondent conjectures as to why Bone Fone failed. As per JAMES HAMBLIN
And here is Bose after almost forty years, giving this innovation a new spin with its amazing speaker technology. Will it be a hit or a flop? Will you be able to do a headstand wearing it. You'll have to try it to find out.
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Posted on: 2017-12-19 12:31:17

Sony's First Product was also it's First Failure.

Article by Nick Broughall | Gizmodo

In the wake of Japan's defeat in World War II, Sony founder Masaru Ibuka invented a product to serve the millions of homes who had electricity but lacked the appliances to use it. The result was this electric rice cooker.
Released under the business name Tokyo Telecommunications Research Institute, before Sony itself became an incorporated company, the rice cooker was little more than some aluminum electrodes on the bottom of a wooden bucket. Depending on the household's unregulated electrical current, the kind of rice used, and how much water was added, the rice either ended up served as an overcooked mush or an undercooked grain.
Because of this, the product was never actually released onto the market. Instead, a prototype now sits ensconced in glass at the Sony Archives in Shinagawa, a relic from a distant age before electronic gadgets were the norm.

Posted on: 2017-12-10 16:14:05

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The World's First Commercial VCR

Article By James Grahame

The world's first practical videotape recorder was released in 1956. It was as large as a dining room table and cost a cool $50G. With the name Ampex VRX-1000 it sounded as futuristic as it looked.

The Ampex team discovered that the secret to recording video on tape was to use a rotating head. This enabled them to fit 90 minutes onto a single reel, making the VTR practical for TV broadcast use. The tape ran past the head at 15 inches per second, so those reels must have been huge! They obviously hit on the right approach: Modern VHS and DV recorders still use a rotating head mechanism. 

(Trivia: the man standing third from the right is Ray Dolby who later founded Dolby Labs.)


Posted on: 2017-12-04 12:33:08

GoPro Hero 5 Black has 3 Built-In Microphones

We all know that GoPro is known for making the best action cameras, so it's no surprise that GoPro Hero 5, with its 4K video capabilities, takes awesome pictures and videos. But did you know that GoPro Hero 5 has three built-in micro-phones? These three micro-phones work together seamlessly to avoid wind noise and capture the best and clearest audio. Now you can perfectly hear all the swears you yell as you try skydiving for the first time!

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Amazon Echo's Alexa Have Over 15,000 Skills and Counting

Curiosity is the key to the development of the human brain. I must say Amazon is doing a fabulous job with Alexa, the brain of Amazon Echo Show. Did you know that Alexa can adopt different skills created by various developers around the world? Alexa Skills is a Marketplace where you can download different skills on the Amazon Echo devices, and now it has over 15,000 skills available to download. It works just like the App Store and Play Store. 


My favorite skill on echo show is the scan feature. To find any product's price and info on Amazon, all you have to do is ask, "Alexa, scan." and just place the barcode in front of the camera of Echo Show, and it will bring up the product on Amazon. Sign up today to experience Amazon Echo Show. 

Posted on: 2017-09-05 00:00:00

Turn Any Wall Into a Movie Theater

Do you like watching movies on a big screen? Do you want to host a movie night in your backyard? Do you want your Instagram feed projected onto your ceiling?  Meet XGimi Z4 Aurora, the ultimate outdoor/indoor smart projector. With 700 ANSI lumens and built in Harman Kardon speakers you can turn any room into a movie theater.  XGimi Z4 Aurora is a smart projector, so it’s loaded with apps like Netflix, YouTube, Google Chrome, Kodi, and tons more. Simply connect to WiFi and stream movies on a screen that can expand up to 300 inches. You can also mirror content from your smart device to this projector if you really just want to play a giant game of Candy Crush.

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Why Carry a Wallet if You’ve Got Gear S3 on Your Wrist?

Samsung Gear S3 is loaded with all the bells and whistles of a SmartWatch, but the most useful feature is definitely Samsung Pay. Imagine walking into the grocery store to pick up milk, and at the checkout counter you realize that you forgot your wallet at home. If you have Samsung Gear S3 on your wrist, just press the button, touch your watch to the credit card reader and look around at all the envious stares. Most stores in U.S. and Canada are now accepting Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

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Posted on: 2017-08-17 12:00:00

Nintendo Switch on the Go

When you play Switch games on the go you’re not lugging around an oversized console. The whole unit looks like a fairly conventional handheld gaming device. You have two analog sticks, four face buttons, a directional pad, and four shoulder buttons, with a large HD screen in the middle. The whole design is very intuitive and easy to hold. If you’ve been trying to play games on your iPad and you still haven’t figured out how to hold it and press the screen at the same time, maybe it’s time to switch to the Switch.


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What Makes Bose SoundLink So Great?

In the world of omnidirectional speakers, each one uses a different speaker driver designs to distribute the audio equally (but not always successfully) in a 360-degree pattern. Bose's is the most straightforward and coincidentally the best; a single downward-firing full-range transducer blasts all that audio towards the base of the Revolve, where a carefully designed "acoustic deflector," otherwise known as a fancy chunk of plastic, funnels that sound evenly across the frequency range and out into the room. There are also two passive radiators that sit above the driver, absorbing excess vibrations and resonating at a lower frequency to add bass.

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Posted on: 2017-08-09 04:13:23

The Best Drone for Beginners.

Modern drones have come a long way since that time you got one for Christmas and broke it before the day was even over. One of the best and easiest features of the DJI Spark drone is TapFly, which lets you tap at a location on the screen that the drone then flies to itself. You don't have to worry about control issues or hitting obstacles because the drone takes care of all of that for you. In fact, it's barely like "flying" a drone at all, you just decide what you want to happen and delegate the actual work to the cameras and software.

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Become A Magician with XBOX ONE

The new XBOX Kinect has a 1080p high resolution camera with built in movement-tracking software that can detect even the slightest wrist movements; which means the possibilities for the gesture controls are enormous.

Using the gesture feature on the XBOX ONE makes me feel like a magician.  It's truly an amazing experience to wave your hand through the air and have the game respond.

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Posted on: 2017-08-09 04:13:23

Connect Any Android Wear Smartwatch With an iPhone

Apple built the Apple Watch to coexist with your iPhone, and they’re a near-perfect pair if you want a connected device on your wrist. However, it’s not the only Smartwatch out there for iPhone owners. The dearly departed Pebble watches are compatible, as are the Samsung Gear S3 and S2—and yes, even Google’s Android Wear watches work with your iPhone. Why limit your world to only Apple products when there’s a whole world of Smartwatches out there to try?

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Apple's W1 Wireless Chip is Installed in Beats Solo 3

Apple’s W1 wireless Chip makes the pairing of wireless headphones super easy across all registered Apple devices. The W1 Chip not only makes things easy but it also improves the battery life of the Solo 3 from 12 hours to 40 Hours. So now you have no excuse not to listen to the backlog of your friend’s podcast.


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Posted on: 2017-08-09 04:13:23

Follow Me and Take a Video

With a simple touch of the button, this drone can follow you down a ski slope or across a skate park and capture a perfect action video. Or, you can have it circle around you with the "Circle Me" feature, which takes breathtaking Hollywood style aerial videos. This drone can make even the most mundane walk to grocery store feel like a blockbuster movie.

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