For a flat monthly fee of $29.99/month, you get to experience an unlimited amount of products. The only “catch” is that you only get to try one product at a time.
And for peace of mind, your Expese membership comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you didn't enjoy the service, just let us know and we will issue a full refund.
You bet! Expese covers shipping costs both ways. When you’re ready to return your rental, simply let us know by texting or emailing us (instructions are included in the rental box), and we will email you the prepaid return label. 
You can enjoy each rental for up to 21 days with your Expese membership, and if you like what you tried, you can keep it even longer with our Extended Rental Program (ERP). Every ERP payments will go towards the purchase price, and once you’ve paid the total ERP purchase price, the product is yours to keep (basically rent to own, but a lot cheaper).
Or, you can return the product and receive another product from your list.


Expese membership allows you to experience one product at a time for up to 21 days. However, if you enrolled in the ERP with one of your products then, of course, you can try other products from your list for up to 21 days. This means you can try two products at a time, as long as one product is enrolled in the ERP.


We're just as obsessed with technology as you are. That’s why Expese tries to add an average of 5 new products every week. Check out our catalog to explore all the great gadgets currently available.


Nothing is more important to the Expese team than feedback from our community. As we continue to integrate feedback from our beta users, the platform will evolve and improve. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up on the latest updates.


Expese has a wide variety of the newest and coolest tech products, such as drones, smartwatches, virtual reality gear, gaming systems, smart home devices, IoT devices, smartphones and much more. Check out our catalog page to see the full list of tech products that you can try with Expese.
Expese membership comes with free accidental damage coverage. Small wear and tears are covered, and any damage that is under $100 in repairable cost is covered as well. For any damage costs past $100, you will be responsible for half the remaining cost, and we will cover the other half. So you only have to pay 50% of the retail/repair cost past $100.
Once you sign up for Expese, we ask you to make a list of 10 or more products that you wish to experience. You also set the priority in which you would like to experience these items (please note, we can't guarantee that you will be able to experience gadgets in the sequence you set; however, we do guarantee that you will be able to experience all the gadgets from your list eventually, as they become available).
Once you have created your list, Expese will ship out the first available product  (e.g., if gadgets #1 and #2 are not available, then we ship out gadget #3,  but gadget #1 stays as your top pick, and will be shipped out next if it is available). This ensures that we only send the gadgets that you wish to experience and avoid sending random products. 
We are committed to delivering the latest and greatest products, which is why we refresh our inventory whenever a new model is available. Therefore, if one of the devices on your list has a newer version, we'll automatically upgrade you to the latest model in that category. 
It's very simple and fun!
Step 1: Sign up and build a list of 10 or more products that you wish to experience.
Step 2: The first available product from your list will get delivered to your doorstep.
Step 3: Experience it for up to 21 days (and if you really like it you can continue renting it with the ERP). If you want to experience something else, you simply send it back and we exchange it for another product from your list. (And the cycle continues...)
Got more questions? Feel free to call us at 857-574-0559 or email us at

Not to worry we will send you plenty of reminders before your due date. You will get an email reminder the week before your due date, a text reminder three days before your due date, a text reminder the day before your due date, and your rental box will come with the due date and rental reminder notes as well.
If we don't receive your rental 4 days past your due date, we’ll know you loved it so much you didn't want to give up the product. Therefore, we will automatically enroll you in the ERP on the 6th day (you will find ERP information about the product in your rental box, and you will also receive ERP information through text notifications 5 days before your enrollment).
The ERP (Extended Rental Program) lets active Expese members rent products past 21 days. The ERP also gives you an option to rent to own, or if you change your mind, you can return it at any time.
So how does it work?
Let’s say you are trying the drone for 21 days and you decide you’d like to keep it past day 21. You can absolutely do that, and you will only be charged $25/month (ERP payment amount will vary based on the product), for each additional month you keep the drone. And while the drone is in the ERP, you can continue to enjoy other products from your list for up to 21 days. After renting the drone for 12 months, you will automatically get to keep it for Free.
Or let's say, after renting it for three months you no longer want the drone, simply return the product, and you’ll stop being charged ERP payments.
Experience more and spend less with the ERP!


ERP is an exclusive program for Expese members. Therefore, we’ll request that you return all the rental products (including the ones you are trying during a 21 day period, and the ones on an active ERP plan), before we can cancel your Expese membership. 


The Expese membership allows you to try the latest and greatest tech products for a flat monthly fee of $29.99/month (plus sales tax for MA users).

Your membership fee covers:

?      Free shipping both ways

?      Free accidental damage coverage

?      Unlimited products (one at a time)

?      Experiencing a product for up to 21 days risk-free

?      An exclusive rent to own option (ERP)