With a monthly gadget subscription on Expese, you get to experience unlimited access to the latest tech and greatest gadgets. The only catch is that you only get to try one gadget at a time.
We wish we could ship the entire catalog to you at once, But we can't. Even though we wish we could. smiley
You can keep each gadget for up to 21 days.This keeps the circular economy going and better serves all our users. If you want to try a gadget again, you can  just add it to your list.

Yes! Shipping and delivery are covered within the monthly subscription. We may offer additional paid shipping methods for faster delivery in the future.

With Expese Standard, you can enjoy the newest and coolest tech for up to 21 days. Once the three-week experience is over, just send the product back in the included packaging and the next available item in your queue will be delivered to your door in no time. Are you looking at your wrist every 15 seconds wishing you had that smartwatch back? Buy it in-full with Expese e-Coins.


Expese Standard subscription includes one product experience at a time. Want more than one product? Subscribe to our newsletter to learn about the newest Expese packages and special offers.


We're just as obsessed with technology as you are. That’s why Expese adds an average of 5 new products every week. Check out our catalog to explore all the great gadgets currently available.


Nothing is more important to the Expese team than feedback from our community. As we continue to integrate feedback from our beta users, the platform will evolve and improve. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up on the latest updates.


Expese has a wide variety of gadgets available to experience. From drones, smartwathes, virtual reality gear, gaming systems, and much more.

Expese e-Coins are a virtual currency that are earned just by using your Expese account! Each e-Coin you earn puts you 10 cents closer to your next big tech purchase. Earn e-Coins and spend them just like cash, right on Expese.com. Got a gadget you just can’t live without? Cash in your e-Coins and go from trying it to buying it.  

Earning e-Coins isn’t just exciting, it’s easy. You’ll receive 50 e-Coins* for every month you're a member, but, you can also earn e-Coins whe  you interact with the Expese Community:


  • Get 250 e-Coins for helping a friend join our growing community with the Expese e-Coin Referral Rewards Program. Your friends will also get 250 e-Coins to start.
  • Write a gadget review or rate/share your thoughts on a product and earn 50 e-Coins instantly!


*e-Coin reward quantity is for Expese Pro (Level 2) plan only.

If a product breaks while in your possession, we’ve got you covered. All of the gadgets featured on Expese are insured for up to 50% of their value. Any additional cost associated with damage are the responsibility of the user.

At Expese we make sure you always have something to experience while you're an active subscriber. That's why we have users pick a minimum of 5 gadgets that they want to experiece each month. If the product you want to try first isn't available we ship you the next available gadget from your list so you always have something to experience.

In our commitment to deliver the latest and greatest gadgets we refresh our inventory whenever a new model is available. Therefore, if one of the gadgets on your list has a newer version we'll automatically upgrade you to the latest model in that category.