• Nintendo - Galaxy Style 3DS XL  ($9/week)
  • Nintendo - Galaxy Style 3DS XL  ($9/week)
  • Nintendo - Galaxy Style 3DS XL  ($9/week)
  • Nintendo - Galaxy Style 3DS XL  ($9/week)
  • Nintendo - Galaxy Style 3DS XL  ($9/week)
Nintendo - Galaxy Style 3DS XL  ($9/week)


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    Enhance your portable gaming experience with this New Nintendo 3DS XL console. Its 3D face-tracking capability captures movements precisely for enhanced game play, and the C Stick and ZL/ZR buttons provide more control for favorite games. This New Nintendo 3DS XL console recognizes your amiibo figures easily thanks to a built-in NFC reader.

    New Galaxy Style, New 3DS XL

    Enjoy new look of your favorite console in Galaxy style. Console and owner's manual included.

    Nintendo 3DS XL console

    Access games, multiplayer action, movies, and live TV all with one device.

    Backward compatible with the entire DS family of handhelds

    Plays all Nintendo DS games.

    Built-in Wi-Fi

    Challenge your friends or the whole world anytime, anywhere with Wi-Fi.

    Two-screen gameplay

    The 3DS features two screens, including one 3D screen and a touch screen with the stylus interface that offers unique gameplay experiences.

    Bigger screens

    The 3DS XL features 90% more screen real estate than the original 3DS, giving you a better view into the game worlds you love.

    Additional functionality for supported games

    Includes a right-hand analog thumbstick and ZL and ZR buttons, that are not available on the original 3DS XL models.

    Watch TV, movies and more

    Nintendo Video allows you to download videos and watch them in 3D.

    StreetPass links you with other players

    Exchange data with other 3DS users to play fun minigames, collect digital items or unlock additional features in the games you play.

    SpotPass automatically connects you to the wireless hotspots

    Get updates and bonus content for several of your games, even while your 3DS is in sleep mode.

    *AC Adapter not included. You can use any Nintendo 3DS, 2DS, 3DS XL, or DSi charger with the New Nintendo 3DS XL.


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    • New Galaxy Style New Nintendo 3DS XL
    • Owner's manual
    1. Factory Reset Nintendo - Galaxy Style 3DS XL
    2. Place Nintendo - Galaxy Style 3DS XL in box
    3. Place owners manual in box