• Nest - Protect (2nd Gen - Battery) ($5/week)
  • Nest - Protect (2nd Gen - Battery) ($5/week)
  • Nest - Protect (2nd Gen - Battery) ($5/week)
  • Nest - Protect (2nd Gen - Battery) ($5/week)
  • Nest - Protect (2nd Gen - Battery) ($5/week)
Nest - Protect (2nd Gen - Battery) ($5/week)


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    Nest Protect reliably detects and alerts you to the presence of smoke or carbon monoxide in your home. The alarm speaks to you in a calm, clear, human voice, telling you the location of the danger. It also provides smartphone alerts and battery status updates to help protect your home while you're away.

    Protect your loved ones and your home

    Detects levels of smoke and carbon monoxide within the home and tests itself automatically.

    Receive clear direction in an emergency

    Alarm speaks to you with a human voice and tells you the location and levels of smoke or carbon monoxide when they are present.

    Send alerts to your smartphone

    Provides battery and sensor status notifications so you're always informed, and safety history so you can see what happened over the last 10 days. You can even silence the alarm from your smartphone.

    Get an early warning signal

    If a cooking mishap leads to a small amount of smoke, Nest Protect will let you know without setting off the full alarm.

    Stay on top of any situation

    Synchronized sensors ensure that when 1 alarm senses danger, every alarm in the house will make you aware of the situation.

    If carbon monoxide is present, Nest Protect links with your Nest Thermostat (sold separately) to automatically turn off your gas furnace.

    Light your path at night

    Pathlight illuminates your way in the dark. Adjust its brightness, leave it on as a nightlight or turn it off from the Nest Protect app.


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    Smart Home

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    • Protect Smart Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    • AA batteries, 120V AC connector, backplate
    • 4 screws, 3 wire nuts
    • Owner's manual
    • Remove batteries from Nest - Protect
    • Place Nest - Protect in box
    • Place batteries in box
    • Place owner's manual in box