•  LIFX - LIFX Wi-Fi LED Tile Kit ($11.00/week)
  •  LIFX - LIFX Wi-Fi LED Tile Kit ($11.00/week)
  •  LIFX - LIFX Wi-Fi LED Tile Kit ($11.00/week)
  •  LIFX - LIFX Wi-Fi LED Tile Kit ($11.00/week)
 LIFX - LIFX Wi-Fi LED Tile Kit ($11.00/week)


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    Make your space a luminous work of art with this LIFX lighting kit. Its five LED tiles are dimmable, have a range of 16 million colors and can be controlled individually or as a group for creative flexibility. Use the included command strips to position the pieces of this 34W LIFX lighting kit together or separately.

    Built-in Wi-Fi and LIFX Cloud

    Offer full lighting control via Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and cloud through the LIFX iOS, Android, and Windows 10 apps. Access your strips from anywhere, anytime via the cloud. No hub required.

    Compatible with most 100 - 240V fixtures

    For wide-ranging use. Not designed for use with other fixture types.

    Create custom schedules

    Control lights individually, set timers, options for beautiful themes and scenes, create custom grouping that gives full control of multiple tiles at the same time.

    Dimming and brightening features at your fingertips

    Connected lighting for your space, time of day, and mood. Experience how subtle adjustments in tone and brightness can enhance the comfort of any room.

    White light that fits your needs

    Choose from 16 million colors and a full range of warm to cool whites.

    LED bulb technology

    Designed to provide a longer and more energy-efficient illumination.

    Power efficient

    Offers only 34W of power consumption per 5 tiles.

    Custom zones

    Let your imagination run wild with 64 individually addressable color/white zones per tile. Create patterns and custom waveforms to express your creativity.

    Easy setup

    Put the tiles together or apart wherever you like in your home décor. The included command strips allow you to place them exactly where you want.

    Complete kit

    Includes five tiles with a power supply unit.

    Lasts up to 25,000 hours

    For efficient use.


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    Experience with Ease



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    Smart Lighting

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    • LIFX Wi-Fi LED Tile Kit (5 tiles)
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