• GoPro - Fusion 360° Digital Camera ($26/week)
  • GoPro - Fusion 360° Digital Camera ($26/week)
  • GoPro - Fusion 360° Digital Camera ($26/week)
  • GoPro - Fusion 360° Digital Camera ($26/week)
  • GoPro - Fusion 360° Digital Camera ($26/week)
GoPro - Fusion 360° Digital Camera ($26/week)


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    Capture your most exciting adventures with the GoPro Fusion camera. Voice command functions allow for hands-free filming for selfie-style video, while access to the GoPro app lets you preview footage and stitch video all from your smartphone. Featuring VR recording capabilities and next-level video stabilization, the GoPro Fusion camera delivers immersive video quality and virtual reality compatibility.

    360° video and photo capable

    From still images to movies, this camera records your memories in Ultra HD resolution. Fusion requires two high-performance microSD cards (not included) to store your content.

    Two CMOS image sensors

    Provide stunning detail and clarity with both video and still images.

    Advanced stabilization

    Minimizes picture blur caused by camera movement.


    Lets you frame and punch out the perfect shot from any angle to create amazing traditional videos right on your phone.

    360° audio

    Its multiple microphones combine to capture spherical surround sound that comes at you from every direction.


    Can be submerged up to 16'/5m deep without a housing.

    Voice commands

    Easily control Fusion with commands such as "GoPro shoot burst."

    Built-in GPS

    Fusion captures your GPS path, speed, elevation gain and more.

    Fast charging-ready

    Boost your charge time. Fusion is fully compatible with the Supercharger power adapter (sold separately).

    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi communication

    Enjoy instant remote shooting, and change shooting settings wherever you are.

    Faster data transfer speed

    Upload your video and pictures to social media sites to share with friends and family via Wi-Fi.

    USB Type-C interface

    Offers convenient charging.


    Product Type

    Experience with Ease


    Go Pro

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    Digital Cameras

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    1. Carrying case
    2. Fusion Grip
    3. GoPro Fusion 360° Digital Camera
    4. Owner's manual
    5. USB cable
    1. Remove Micro-SD card from GoPro Fusion 360° Digital Camera
    2. Place GoPro Fusion 360° Digital Camera, fusion grip, and USB cable in carrying case
    3. Place carrying case in box
    4. Place owner's manual in box