• Google - Clips ($11/week)
  • Google - Clips ($11/week)
  • Google - Clips ($11/week)
  • Google - Clips ($11/week)
  • Google - Clips ($11/week)
Google - Clips ($11/week)


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    Live in the moment with a camera that captures clips of friends and family automatically. Google Clips is smart enough to recognize moments with great expressions, lighting and framing, and it captures short motion photos that you can view on your phone, then upload and share.


    Live in the moment

    Discover a camera that automatically captures clips of friends and family.

    Hands-free, so you can be hands-on

    Google Clips automatically captures short motion photos that are several seconds long (no audio), so you can focus on friends and family.

    Moments that’ll make you smile

    With Google Machine learning built in, it’s smart enough to recognize and automatically save moments with great expressions, lighting and framing.

    Secure, from snap to send

    Google Clips works with your phone locally, so you never need an Internet connection to capture motion photos. It sends the clips right to your phone, letting you pick your favorites and share the best moments.

    Easy to upload. Easy to share

    No wires needed to quickly view your moments in the Google Clips app. Fast Transfer streams directly to the Google Clips app so you can quickly view your content.

    Save the perfect shot

    Super Res lets you save any frame from your motion photos as a high resolution still picture.

    Unlimited storage with Pixel

    Pixel owners will enjoy unlimited storage at original quality of all their moton photos and auto-enhanced stills.*

    *Free, unlimited original-quality storage for photos and videos uploaded with Pixel through the end of 2020, and free, unlimited high-quality storage for photos uploaded with Pixel afterwards.



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    Digital Cameras

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