• Cobra - Radar and Laser Detector ($6/week)
  • Cobra - Radar and Laser Detector ($6/week)
  • Cobra - Radar and Laser Detector ($6/week)
Cobra - Radar and Laser Detector ($6/week)


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    Detect laser and radar signals from a distance with this Cobra radar detector. Adjust the detector's sensitivity at the touch of a button, and filter out unwanted alerts so you only get the information you need. Premium circuitry in this Cobra radar detector lets you eliminate false alerts from other radar detectors, fixed traffic-flow monitors and other systems.

    Compatible with most vehicles

    For wide-ranging use.

    Detection and separate alerts

    For radar signals (X, K and Ka bands, with signal strength indicated), laser and VG-2 signals.

    Instant-On ready

    Detects radar guns with “instant-on” (very fast) speed monitoring capabilities.

    LaserEye technology

    Detects laser signals from both front and rear.

    QuietDrive technoloygy

    Muted driving mode for times driver wants less audible feedback while talking with passengers or on the phone.

    Eye-Catching OLED Display

    Bright white OLED display features band identification icons and numeric signal strength meter.

    Dim mode

    Allows the user to dim the radar detector display enhancing night driving visibility.

    Dual language

    English and Spanish voice and text alerts


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    New to Expese



    Product Category

    Car Electronics & GPS

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