• Canary - Flex Indoor/Outdoor HD Wi-Fi Wire-Free Security Camera - ($8/week)
  • Canary - Flex Indoor/Outdoor HD Wi-Fi Wire-Free Security Camera - ($8/week)
  • Canary - Flex Indoor/Outdoor HD Wi-Fi Wire-Free Security Camera - ($8/week)
  • Canary - Flex Indoor/Outdoor HD Wi-Fi Wire-Free Security Camera - ($8/week)
Canary - Flex Indoor/Outdoor HD Wi-Fi Wire-Free Security Camera - ($8/week)


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    Canary Flex Security Camera: Keep an eye on things even when you're away from home with this Canary home security system. Its motion-activated camera records in HD video and sends files to an iPhone or Android smartphone via the Canary app. This Canary home security system senses when you leave home and changes modes automatically. 


    Access the system remotely

    Personalize notifications, watch video, or make changes from your computer or compatible iOS or Android device.

    Never walk alone

    The Canary app lets you do more than monitor your home. With the Safety Button (included with Canary Membership) you now have personal protection on the go.*

    Integrated security

    One-touch local emergency numbers integrated into the Canary app.

    Capture high-resolution footage

    Full HD camera uses advanced image sensors to record crystal-clear video.

    Infrared night vision lets you see in the dark

    Keep an eye on things up to 25 feet away when there's little to no light.

    Customize motion sensitivity according to your needs

    Set sensitivity as high or low as you want, depending on what types of movements you're expecting to receive notifications for.

    Convenient video storage

    Record and store videos in your mobile device or the cloud. Free or 30-Day Plan, up to 4 devices with no monthly service fee, or upgrade to 30-day video history for total security.

    Connects to your Wi-Fi network

    For convenience and simple setup.

    HD video let you feel like you're there

    See everything clearly.

    Adaptable camera articulation

    Magnetic 360° swivel base that enables easy and precise camera positioning.

    Wire-free or plugged-in

    Extended-life rechargeable battery to power wire-free use or plugin for endless power.

    Weatherproof design

    Allows versatile indoor/outdoor monitoring.

    Night mode scheduling

    Lets you set a schedule for your Canary camera to monitor your home while you sleep without sending notifications.

    Extended video clips to 30 seconds

    The system records 30-second clips instead of one continuous video event. If you want more, you will need a Canary Membership.

    Optional premium services

    Free service includes live streaming and recorded video segments on 24-hour timeline for up to 4 cameras. Premium Membership includes 30-day recorded video history and additional features including desktop monitoring.*

    * Additional fees may apply.


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    • Canary Flex Indoor/Outdoor HD Wi-Fi Wire-Free Security Camera
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