• Garmin - Index Smart Scale ($7/week)
  • Garmin - Index Smart Scale ($7/week)
  • Garmin - Index Smart Scale ($7/week)
  • Garmin - Index Smart Scale ($7/week)
  • Garmin - Index Smart Scale ($7/week)
Garmin - Index Smart Scale ($7/week)


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    Garmin Index Smart Scale: Measure your body metrics using this scale, which determines the specific user and uploads data directly to the Garmin Connect app for easy tracking. The LCD provides easy readability, even at night.

    Get an overall view of your health

    Measures weight, BMI, body fat percentage, water percentage, bone mass and muscle mass.

    Read in low-light conditions

    LCD lights up against a black background for easy visibility.

    Remembers up to 16 different users

    For individual feedback.

    Monitor and maintain your goals

    Apple® iOS and Android compatibility help you keep track of your health.

    Directly upload and analyze your fitness data

    Scale automatically transfers user information to the Garmin Connect platform.

    Battery strength indicator

    Lets you know when your scale is low on power.


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    Personal Care & Beauty

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    Please See here. http://static.garmin.com/pumac/Index_Scale_OM_EN.pdf
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