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The Launch of

Posted by Geoff Wilbur

On Tuesday, November 14th, I attended the launch party at WeWork in Cambridge, MA. I found out about the company via a conversation at a local startup event a few months ago. This was a neat way to learn more about the company.

Experience with Ease launch party

photo by Geoff Wilbur

Expese’s marketing tagline and, obviously, the source of the company’s name is “experience with ease.” The website is a technology enthusiast’s playground. It allows subscribers to “experience” cutting-edge technology for 21 days before returning it and getting the “experience” the next item on their lists. It’s a “try before you buy” website, and there is an opportunity for subscribers to purchase the items they’re trying out using e-coins. E-coins are earned simply by subscribing; they can also be earned by writing reviews and by referring new subscribers. Of course, you can also buy e-coins to reach the amount required to purchase a product that interests you. launch party

photo by Geoff Wilbur

Products currently available through Expese include virtual reality products, drones, smartwatches, gaming systems, and a variety of other gadgets, as listed on this page of the website.

For more information, check out the company’s website, Questions are answered on Expese’s FAQ page. You can also watch Expese’s introductory YouTube video. (It’s barely more than a minute long, so it’s a quick and easy watch.)

The Party

The party itself was an after-work event with snacks, drinks, a quick presentation, and prizes. At the event, virtual reality products were available to try out and a sample table containing some of the technology available through Expese was set up. The attendees were an interesting mix of people in the local technology and start-up communities. launch party

photo by Geoff Wilbur

Looking Ahead


Expese is currently in beta launch, so early subscriber feedback may inform future changes. I actually won a two-month trial of Expese at the event – I told you there were prizes – so I’m going to sign up, try it out, and share my experiences with you at the end of the trial. I’ve always personally been too busy to devote much time to the latest tech, so this will be fun. Either tomorrow or maybe during Thanksgiving weekend I’ll have a little free time to sign up, set up my account, and select items for my queue, and after I’ve tried Expese for a couple months, I’ll write about my experience.



Posted on: 28-11-2017

An update from Expese

An Update from Expese

Dear Expese Community,

Over the past nine months, we have received tremendous support from everyone who has interacted with Expese in one way or another. We value all the early customers who are part of our Beta Program.

Your feedback has helped to reshape Expese and helped us build a product that people love. We are going through some exciting times here at Expese, and we are making many significant changes. I am super pumped about delivering you an update on upcoming changes and the changes we have already made in our service.

3 Things That Have Changed So Far

1. A Simplified Reward System. 

We noticed that our e-Coins reward system was confusing to many users. As a result, we are now converting our reward system into simple cash back. Your monthly rewards will now be an actual cash value which can be used towards purchases. Nothing is changing except the terminology; the value of the rewards remain the same.

2. An Easy Return Process.

Now every rental box that ships outside the Boston area come with a prepaid return label. Returning a gadget is as simple as slapping the label on the box and dropping it off at any UPS location. It is so easy!

3. A Growing Catalog.

Expese now offers over 120 of the newest and coolest tech products to experience. Since the Beta launch, we have been adding five new tech products every week to the Expese catalog.

3 Things That Are Coming Soon

1. The Expese 2.0 Web Platform.

This long-awaited project is about to be completed. What can you expect? A faster, mobile friendly, and very responsive website. It will have a more user-friendly interface for both first-time visitors and existing users. We collected feedback from over 1000 users to find out what they wanted from our website, and how they wanted it to function. We have put a lot of thought and hard work into this project, and we are sure you are going to love it!

2. The Referral Bonuses. 

Soon you will be able to earn more cash back for referring your friends and family to

3. The Transparent Purchase Pricing on the Website. 

We understood that e-Coins pricing for products was confusing for our users. Therefore, all pricing will be converted into a simple dollar amount. You pay what you see, plus you can instantly apply your cashback to your purchases. 

At Expese we are committed to making experiencing the newest and coolest tech products easy, fun, and affordable. We always want to hear feedback, so feel free to share any questions or comments, or simply send an email to say hi.

Thank you once again for supporting our startup. Stay tuned for more updates...

Akash Modi, 
Co-Founder & CEO of


Posted on: 15-05-2018

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