Oculus Go - VR - 64GB

Oculus Go - VR - 64GB

15.99 every week for 1 year

Rent Oculus Go - VR headset (64GB) for only 15.99 per week and keep it forever after 52 weeks, with 90-Day same as a cash purchase option.

  • Estimated Delivery: 3-7 Business Days

  • Condition: Brand New

  • 90-Day Same As Cash Price: $279.00

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Lightweight Headset

Designed with innovative, breathable fabrics and injection foam molding developed for professional athletes.

Wide Quad, Fast-Switch LCD

Dramatically improves visual clarity and reduces screen-door effect.

Next-generation Oculus Lenses

Offering a wide field of view with significantly reduced glare.

Integrated Spatial Audio

Speakers built into the headset, transporting you straight into VR and making the headset easy to share with someone else.

Standalone VR

No additional devices required while in VR (Oculus Go requires the Oculus Companion App, downloadable from the iOS and Android store on a smartphone).

64GB of memory

Allows you to store a collection of digital photos, clips, videos and games just right on the Go.