It all started with a Tech Enthusiast

Expese is a technology startup founded in 2016 by Akash B. Modi and Jay Talaviya with a mission to make technology more affordable and accessible to all. Since 2016 Team Expese is working very hard to make this dream come true for many of us. After several trial and errors, we have come to one conclusion, is that owning or renting of the gaming technology doesn't have to be difficult and expensive. As a result, we have launched platform where you can rent your favorite gaming items without going through the old school credit check process and without any commitments. Our goal is to make gaming more affordable and accessible to all. With a long term vision to make technology more affordable and accessible to all.

Our Story

In 2014 Akash launched a brick & mortar store called TAB USA with one goal, to help bring innovative tech products to the world under one brand (TAB). These tech products came from original inventors who bootstrapped their innovations, but due to the lack of brand awareness, they couldn't capture the market's attention.

We helped introduce more than 20 different tech products under the TAB USA brand. People loved the idea and the products, however, 90% of our store visitors walked out without purchasing anything. After collecting feedback and conducting surveys, we discovered that people were wanting the option to "try before they buy."

Today, there are new tech products launching every single day, and it's impossible to buy all of them. So, how can you experience the newest and coolest gadgets without going broke? 

We believe that experiencing the newest and coolest gaming doesn't have to be difficult in today's sharing economy, which is why we built Team Expese has been working very hard to bring this project to life, and we are committed to making it easy and inexpensive to experience these latest and greatest gaming items. 

Now, you can rent your favorite gaming consoles at the fraction of its cost with an option to own it in 12 months or less. With no commitments, no credit check and early payoff discounts it's no brainer to rent with

As we build our community of gamers, we want to hear from you. We would appreciate any comments, feedback, or suggestions that you may have for us. Please feel free to contact us through email ( or live chat on if you have any additional questions or concerns.