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Why Expese?

At Expese, we believe experiencing the latest and greatest tech products doesn’t have to be difficult in today’s shared economy. Which is why we build

What is Expese?

Expese, a Boston-based technology startup, was founded in 2016 with the mission to disrupt the customer retail experience. The company’s web-based retail platform provides community members unlimited technology rentals with home-delivery access to popular and new release consumer electronics products for a single monthly subscription fee.


Our Story...

A couple of years ago we launched TAB USA with one goal, to help bring innovative tech products to the world under one brand (TAB). These tech products came from original innovators who bootstrapped their innovation, but due to the lack of brand awareness, couldn't capture the market attention.
We helped introduce more than 20 different tech products under TAB USA brand. People loved the idea and the products, however, 90% of our store visitors walked out without any purchase. After collecting feedbacks and conducting surveys, we discovered that people appreciated an option of "try before buy."
Today, we see new tech products launch every single day and it is impossible to buy every single of them. So, how can you experience these latest and greatest tech products without committing to buy? 
We believe that experiencing the latest and greatest tech products doesn't have to be this difficult in today's shared economy, which is why we built We have been working very hard in the last couple of years to bring this project to life and we are committed to making experience latest and greatest tech products easy. 
Currently, you can experience unlimited tech products such as drones, Google Home, Amazon Echo, smart watches, gaming consoles, headphones, virtual reality glasses, and many more. Please visit the product page on to see the growing list of cool tech products.
As we build our community for tech enthusiasts, we would appreciate any comments, feedback, or suggestions that you may have for us. Please feel free to contact us through email ( or live chat on if you may have any additional questions or concern. 


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