[Expe]rience with Ea[se]


What does expese mean?

"That act of experiencing a product with an option to buy."

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Why Expese?

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Stay On Top Of Technology

We believe staying on top of technology shouldn't be difficult. Therefore, we built expese.com for those individuals who love to experience the latest and greatest products.

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Save Money

Experience is priceless. Expese allows you to have that priceless experience by keeping the cost low. Experience more, spend less.

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Try Before You Buy

Shop smart, by trying different tech products before you commit to buy. Take your favorite tech product for a spin, if you like it keep it forever using your debit or credit card along with any e-coins you have earned.

How It Works

Sign Up And Build Your List of Gadgets

To experience latest and greatest tech products, all you have to do is to signup and add products to you list that you wish to experience. It's that simple!

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Experience It, Keep It Or Exchange It, And Get Rewarded.

Enjoy & experience the gadget for 21 days, and if you decide to keep, you can buy them using your debit or credit car along with any e-coins you have earned. Don't want to keep? That's ok, Just send it back in exchange for another product from your list. Best of all, you get rewarded with e-coins every month by simply staying an active subscriber.

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Supply, Demand, And My List.

Expese does it's best to make sure you experience all the cool gadgets from your list. To maintain supply & demand, expese ships out the next available product from your list right to your door step.

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Get your gadgets, reap the rewards.

Get the most out of your Expese membership with Expese eCoins, a virtual currency you earn simply by using your Expese account! Every 100 eCoins you earn puts you ten dollars closer our next big tech purchase.

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Expese Testimonials From Current Subscribers

  • "Using Expese is easy and fun! Being able to get access the hottest technology of the day means I'm able to stay on top of the latest trends – which is critical to my business. It also doesn't hurt that it makes me look good in front of friends too!"
    - Erick S.
  • "Be able to play with all those cool tech products under one flat monthly fee, it's like having a personal tech Santa"
    - A.B.
  • "What a great value. I've tried so many great tech products with my subscription. Some I have enjoyed, some not as much. Thats what makes Expese great. I've saved so much money being able to try all these tech products before I buy them."
    - Phil L.
  • "When I saw there was a subscription service where I could try gadgets I had to sign up. Expese is an amazing platform where I get to try all the latest tech toys and I don't have to buy them. Thanks Expese, you made it Christmas all year long for me"
    - Danny T.
  • "Expese has made the process of renting gadgets a breeze. The only thing i had to do was pick the gadgets I want to try and they take care of the rest. The best part is the price to, It almost seemed to good to be true and then they gadgets started coming to my door."
    - Jessica B.

Expese Pro

normally $89
$49/ mo

(No Commitment, Cancel Anytime)
  • Access To Unlimited Tech Products*
  • Free Shipping
  • Earn 100 E-coins/Month
  • Option To Buy
  • Keep Product For Up To 21 Days
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
*One product at a time

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